Age of War

Age of War Unblocked game is an online strategy game released in 2007 by its developers, Louissi. It was so popular after its release, that Max Games Studios developed an Apple mobile gaming app on the same. It is highly addictive game. It focuses on strategy making to win each age and thus evolve over time. 

You can take control of 16 different units of forces able turrets which are all different and 15 in numbers. You start from caveman age and evolve through 5 ages. Each age is unique and has its own turrets and units. Age of War challenges players to secure an army and castle.

Players are required to recruit strategy skills to build castles, manage resources, and participate in player-to-player warfare.  Age of War game has a top- down three dimensional camera angle and nostalgic style 2D graphics. Players’ military sections can raid enemies and their bases and be used to participate in group warfare in an association system.   

For killing each enemy, you are rewarded XP. Collect more and more XP to win by killing as much enemy as you want. The XP earned can be used to evolve the civilization. You can also use it to unleash devastating special attacks. For this, build stronger troops with wide range of variety of solders. You can even use your age’s special attack when it gets ready against enemies. Build your troops according to needs

To play the Age of War Unblocked game follows the steps-

1 Open a web browser and access Age of War . There are other versions too available which are Age of War 2 and Age of war unblocked.

2 Click on Play on the Game’s first page.

3 the home page has options such as “Start game”, Credits, How to play, and Play more such games.

4 you can click on How to play for understanding the game play

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