Air Defense

Air Defense is a one such free arcade game from Age Games. The game us quite simple, and to be honest belongs to kids of below 8 years.

Arcade games based on old arcade machines were once very popular. These games were quite simpler as in the comparison with the level of difficulty, strategy, thrill, control, and great graphics which modern games offer. The games now available on feature phones were once played on large machines in game plazas. These games have died in the long run as they lack quality and graphics. But they have served as base for the greater development of new era games.

To play this game, all you need is an internet connection with a PC. Follow the steps –

1> Open a web browser and then search for “Air Defense game”.

2> Click on any one of the link and access the game. Make sure your PC has a flash player, or just install it, if it is not there.

3> Click on the game. The game itself varies in each edition. In air defense, you get a tank to protect your tower. Control the tank with cursor.

4> in some editions, you are provided a fighter plane and you have to shoot other planes. Use arrow keys to move the plane up and down. To fire rockets, press space key.

The Air defense game is not that great, but recording high scores can make it way above tough and exciting. The music is one of the major plus points in this game. Though this game is not blocked as it is less popular, but still you can always find Air Defense Unblocked version on the Internet. Play this game for a little pass time and enjoy the nostalgic arcade area of gaming plazas and centers right into your PC.

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