Battle Gear


Battle Gear unblocked is a hard-hitting racing game series which was renamed in the 2000’s by Taito (developer of the game series) from Side by Side series. It is also regarded as an online adventure game developed by Belugerin Games. 


The Battle Gear supplement allows online play in both arcade and home versions and adds regulating features for the cars. Battle Gear 4 saw the increment of European and American makers for the first time. This lesson allows the player to select import sports cars from a Japanese maker and contest downhill in the mountain passes which were created by the Japanese.

Home version for Battle Gear was sanctioned by Midas Interactive and declared as a budget game named as Tokyo Road Race and revealed by various traders in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.

All the segments are free and enough of expensive super segments have more health, speed and damage. The destructive strike has 900000 for instant to kill the enemy base and all aircrafts have 100 hp and this procedure is known as Battle Gear hacked.

   Playing Battle Gear at delivers you a great opportunity to select the favorite one and begin the battle. The aim of this game is to survive from your enemies and eliminate all of them; this is called as Battle Gear Unblocked.

                 HOW TO PLAY:-

  During Battle:- 

  • Start by choosing your side from one of three superpowers which are USA, Russia and China.
  • Take dive of military operations and enter the territory of enemy by air, sea and land.
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