Crazy Taxi

      Description :

crazy taxi was a game in which every casual gamer’s said to be his/her favorite. Launched in 1999, this has been massively popular. Being one of the most famous arcade games of its time,From the arcade machines, this game traveled to modern age game boxes and Play stations, and then it entered into computers, both Mac and Windows, and now you can even play crazy taxi online.

In 2014, SEGA its developer introduced to the world, Crazy Taxi Classic on Google Play store and Apple’s App store with all the classic setup and characters. There is also a Crazy Taxi Unblocked version available online. Crazy taxi has appeared on nearly every gaming platform, and this includes a Dream cast version too which is highly regarded.

The game play is quite easy to understand. You pick up a passenger and make sure that they reach their destination as soon as possible. Players are given a specific time limit within which you have to deliver your passenger and earn their fare. To make more fare, add insane stunts with fast driving to reach the destination. Crazy Taxi has a lot of drivers and cabs to choose from, though the graphics difference is not much between them.

To play crazy taxi, you can either install it on your device or instead play Crazy Taxi online.

      Follow the steps to play crazy taxi online :

> Open a web browser and access Crazy Taxi online.
> Start the game. You will be redirected to the game’s homepage.
> On the home page, you get options as Arcade, Original, Crazy Box, Options, Records, Save and Load, and exit.
> To play, choose either original or Arcade.
> Start driving and visit a customer and pick him up. With arrow keys start driving and complete the ride to earn fare.
> To set your driver or cab, visit Options and customize them. You can also set music, sound and even traffic difficulty there.

Crazy Taxi is one fluid game which fills you with mild adrenaline and lots of fun. Enjoy playing this.

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