Cubefield unblocked is a simplistic but addictive game, developed by YoArcade and released in January 2006

Cubefield game begins with the pavement initially not in very much speed, but as you get along with the game, the rate goes up and up! The aim is to hold on as long as you can, trying to bag up a high score.

Cubefield is a fantastic interactive game that examines your ability, reactions, and attention. This game has exceptional 3D graphics, cool music, and user-interaction gameplay. All you have to do is to avoid hitting any of the colored cubes as you travel through the never-ending path that pulls out in front of you.

The game begins off comparatively easy and may appear as very trivial. But this won’t last for long as the difficulty becomes harder as you proceed. The maze of cubes becomes more intricate than before, and the speed at which you also travel increases as the time passes. What distance can you go without crashing into the cubes?

How to play Cubefield Unblocked:

1)There are only two controls – left and right. Use the arrow keys to guide your ship through an endless path of threatening looking colored cubes – if you hit any, the game ends.

As the cubefield game advances farther, you’ll come across discrete colored cubes and placed in different formations.

Cubefield unblocked has simple graphics, smooth to play and moreover, it is a platform independent gaming app. That is, one can play it on tablets and phones as well.

All this would have surely tempted you to have an unblocked version of cubefield not to miss any free time to break your previous records at your workplace.

Compete with your peers and break their records in unblocked cubefield in your school or workplace without any restrictions.

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