Duck Life 4


Duck Life 4 is the fourth segment of the Duck Life series. Duck Life is developed by Wix Games. This game is about teaching multiple ducks to compete in competition to beat the fire duck. In this segment you must win the competition to unlock the skills to be used in the game. In this game of Duck Life you can now train up to 6 different ducks.


Duck Life is a massive running game. In this series the mechanics are slightly changed. In this game you are no longer taught the skills to perform the chance. You can now have more the one duck at a time, but you must be sure to have enough money to buy new ducks and not to forget to increase their skills. The competitions are sets of three races at a time without having a break in between. You must be sure to make the ducks champions.

There are 5 different kinds of sessions for a certain type of training in each of the areas that you can unlock by beating a competition from the last area, this is known as Duck Life 4 unblocked. In the final race, your duck is in need of help to beat the Fire Duck, so you use the arrow keys to control the movement of your duck.


  1. First, you go to the Egg Pick stage and pick the egg you want.
  2. After picking an egg, the duck hatches from it. In this color also matters as what color of an egg you have picked.
  3. Now, you test your duck if it can reach the finish line without losing its life in between.
  4. Meet the running trainer ‘Joe’ and consult him regarding the training.
  5. Use the mouse to unlock the 6 areas which are :
  • Grassland
  • Swamp
  • Mountains
  • Glacier
  • City and
  • Volcano.

     6.Use the left and right arrow to move the ducks.

     7.Press 1234 at once to control the duck from hitting to any obstacles


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