G Switch 2 and G-Switch 3 is a chapter of speed-running web games developed by Vasco Freitas and issued by Serius Games. There are three games in the chapter, G-Switch, G-Switch 2 and G-Switch 3.

It is considered as one button skill game. In this game we need to control the character chosen by us not the gravity. G-Switch consists of eight checkpoints which are to be passed by running, jumping, overcoming all the hurdles and by switching the gravity. This is sometimes even regarded as a crazy action game not just for one but for six players or more on a single keyboard.


These games are one- button runners pack. The main motto is to run across all the levels by switching the gravity at the right time and on the right platform. In this game we need to test that whether our selected running robot will be able to break the record for distance? In G Switch 2  games you need to take some points into consideration like:

  • Toss gravity in time as you run on floors, ceilings, and walls.
  • Refrain from missing a platform and to fall off the screen
  • Choose the countless modes to dare your opponent.
  • Your aim should be, to reach the farthest goal through the terrible world of G Switch 2.
  • You need to be careful on your way which is confined by saw blades.
  • Once you die, you need to restart all over again and this is G Switch 2 Unblocked.
  • There are some disadvantages of the game, which are:
  • The music is of low quality
  • The graphics are unsurprising
  • You cannot control your character other than switching the gravity.
  • The game moves at high speed.


  1. Press X / mouse click to switch gravity in G-Switch.
  2. In G-Switch 2, Press the Arrow UP to change gravity.
  3. In G-Switch 2, for changing the gravity according to the players the keys are:
  1. Player 1- press C
  2. Player 2- press M
  3. Player 3- press Ctrl
  4. Player 4- press Right arrow key
  5. Player 5- press A
  6. Player 6- press 3(numpad)
  7. Player 7- press B
  8. Player 8- Click Left Click on the Mouse
  1. In G-Switch 3, for Single player: Left click on Mouse/ Space bar to change gravity.
  2. In G-Switch 3, for Multiplayer: Press C/M/Ctrl/Right Arrow/A/3 to change gravity.

 G-Switch 2 Walk through (Video Guide)

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