Highway of the Dead

Highway of the Dead

Highway of the Dead is an action packed game from Evil Dog and Sick Death. Highway of the Dead is one of the oldest entertaining zombie car game. It can be played on many websites right from your web browser. This is a addictive racing game and is built with Flash player to run smoothly in almost all browsers.


The Highway has been covered by monster zombies. You have to smash through these zombies and you have to race to reach a safe-zone before the limited time runs out. You have to race through 8 highly infected zones full of zombies. All roads in Highway of the Dead, there are zombies which can come across your hood to get your loot. You have to update your vehicles and keeo fighting these deadheads with a lead foot. To earn extra points and boost, crush the crates which come in way without wasting time.

How To Play highway of the dead Game Online:-

1> To play, open any web browser in your PC and access Highway of the Dead.

2> On the game’s homepage, you get options which are Play games, Awards, Credits, Sound, and Other games.

3> Choose Play game and start racing through the zombies and killing them.

4>Press W, A, S, D to steer and accelerate.

5>Press Spacebar to brake.

6>Press E to bender your own way.

7>Press R to turn on the wipers.


You can update your car using Road Points which you earn for things like making progress or hitting zombies, but you need to be careful not to hit the normal person. The game warns you to stay indoors when a zombie outbreaks happen which is just imaginary in Real world. Till then, play Highway of the Dead and practice for a zombie outbreak, in case it happens.

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