Pacman In the era of high UI and intricately designed gaming apps, many are still addicted to the traditional flash game . If you are a 90s kid, then you must have enjoyed this game with different theme and color background. Google knows how much people are addicted to it hence came up with Google Pacman.

But whats new? Why another form? Go through this article to know all about the game.

Apart from a great interface, simple UI design, appealing graphics, android users looks for an app consuming least memory on installing  and this  utilizes no memory space.

Yes, unlike many  apps, This game requires less size, but you can play this game online, on google play store.  

Although this is a traditional game, still let us go through the aim, target, and instructions.

How to Play Pacman?

1)The objective of the game helps Pacman to grab all the objects and without touching any three ghosts, by covering every place of the maze. The moment Pacman comes in contact with the ghost, the game stops. Total no. of lives given is three.

2)The direction of game can be changed by swiping left, right, up and down accordingly.

3)If the game reaches a corner, then the ghosts’ powers are not only disabled but not the situation reverses.  they are sent back to their den.

4)Once the game has achieved his target, the game ends victoriously.

Google Pacman has an innovative maze pattern, where the walls of the maze are nothing but the doodle itself.

Although there are many apps with a complex environment, Google Pacman beats the contemporary ones by making things simpler, basic and user-friendly.

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