Raft Wars 2

Raft Wars 2  (2013) is a flash game developed by Martijn Kunst. Raft Wars 2 game is a sequel of the Raft Wars which was developed in 2007. The game’s main promoters, Simon and his brother have came back to the island where they had found treasure in Raft Wars, just to find out that a company has built a water park on top of their beach. It is one of the best shooting games

Description :

Raft Wars 2 Unblocked is an online strategy flash game which has 12 different levels inclusive of the Boss Level, they are:

  1. The Paint Bucket
  2. Security Trouble
  3. Greedy Neighbors
  4. The Shrimp Mascot
  5. The Waterslide
  6. Heli Attack
  7. Angry Builders
  8. Octomom
  9. Korean Whalers
  10. Drone Attack
  11. The Turtle Warriors and
  12. The Final Battle

In each level, there are various opponents with different challenges. You can use a rocket launcher with bullets that are tennis balls to shoot at your enemies. You and your enemies take turn to shoot at each other. The one who fall into the water first will be the loser. Adventurous heroes decided to find the buried treasure and begin to develop a plan for its observation. As a result, the brothers decided to bankrupt the water park first. They started the work to destroy the water park. When you play raft wars game, you can calculate height, the field view, power fire to kill your enemies.

How to Play Raft Wars 2

» While passing, you need the brain to solve the puzzles.

» Use your mouse to aim at your targets and click the left mouse to shoot at them.

» You can use the line of red dots as your hints to adjust the shot.

» After the completion of the mission in each level, click on the screen to move to the next level.

» The rocket launcher and its default bullets are your tennis balls.

» Click on the rocket in the left corner to choose what type of rocket you want to use.

Raft Wars 2 Walk through (Video Guide)

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