Strike Force Heroes

Strike Force Heroes

Strike Force Heroes was first advertised by Justin Goncalves on February 27th.

It gives the player four classes to play from, all with their strengths and deficiencies. You can also purchase various perks and new weapons as you play on.

Let us directly go to the climax.

The main character is entrapped by his soldiers, who were demented. After hearing an outburst, Shadow transports the main character to a hidden facility. Here he, during the current time, saves a scientist. After the battle, the Scientist explains that a nerve toxin that they were experimenting on made soldiers deranged. He then grants the Strike Force to obtain the cure. However, they are again assaulted by an organization(who had previously also attacked them, yet unknown). During a war in an iron factory, the team Medic, Toad, gains intel about the Organization, revealing its name to be Globex.


The team would battle Globex forces on many battlefields till they board a train transporting a nuclear ballistic missile. They then go to a Pacific Battleground for battle. The weapon is intended to demolish the virus as Globex does not want to be blamed for the event. Despite their efforts, the Strike Force was too late to terminate the launch. The main character is then shifted to the weapon, by a chopper regulated by Shadow, to change the warhead with the cure.


He fights off many Globex soldiers who try to kill him, but desperately fail.


1)Level up four distinct classes to unlock over 65 weapons, various skills, and killstreaks, to design your loadout.

2)Play the drive for a fully voiced, action-packed story, or build a custom quick match to let off some steam.


Try the challenges to put your skills to the test honestly with unblocked Strike Force Heroes.

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